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Labor Day Lake Lounging

Happy Labor Day, American people!

Since Trevor and I had spent Saturday getting a grill (see more below), cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and getting ready for the family to come over for a Power-Bork shin-dig on Sunday, Trevor and I celebrated the holiday today by doing a lot of not much. It was great.

After waking up at the too-early-for-vacation hour of 8 a.m., I joined Trevor and Roo and we watched a couple of hours of The Simpsons before I needed a nap, already exhausted from exerting so much energy walking down the stairs, drinking coffee, and positioning myself on the couch. I mean, that’s work, man!

After waking up, I scraped myself together to take a shower and do a bit a school work, but then I had to take a break from that so that we could go down to the beach.

Trevor on Labor DayCrystal Lake Hey, Ducks

I was sunbathing, so Trevor is actually upside-down.

I was sunbathing, so Trevor is really upside-down.

We even roped in our neighbor Pat for an appearance at the end of my Vine video.

T. and I wandered home when we got hungry so we could use our new grill for the second time, and without the help of master-grillsman Sean Power. Trevor was on his own, but I had complete faith in him, and I was right to. I prepped our fish filets,

Fish is Ready for Grillin'

And T. got to work:


We made Roo wait on the porch, and she wasn’t happy about it.

Let me out. Come on guys. Seriously.

Let me out. Come on guys. Seriously.

And the food was delicious!

The secret to amazing grilled potatoes? Butter. Like, a bunch of butter.

The secret to amazing grilled potatoes? Butter. Like, a bunch of butter.

And now I am going to polish off the rest of the horchata pie that Angelique and Sean brought yesterday from Bang Bang Pie. It was, like, stupid good, and I was thrilled to finally try a pie from Bang Bang since most of their pies have a “leaf lard” (read: non-vegetarian) crust.

We hope you all had a nice holiday weekend, too. And now, off to a short work-week!