In 2006 I started a blog called Archipelago. The idea was that Trevor would take pictures and I would write entries, but I slowly and surely started to take more of the pictures in an effort to get Trevor into some.

He thwarted me at every turn, so my pictures featured a lot of Henry, and that was okay, too.

Our first post was on January 23, 2006, and featured this picture of Henry in a Pettersen Studios shot for Home Depot:

And now, almost ten years later, Henry and Pettersen are both gone. Though it was a lot worse for us to lose Henry.

If you want to read anything about our life from 2006 until August, 2014, check out Archipelago, and get all nostalgic and stuff.

Favorite Archipelago Posts:


Youve Got to Be Old

judy_garland_120811_double copy

I Guess We Should Explain

Closing (Part 2)

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