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Scarier Than Ghosts

Halloween isn’t celebrated in the Netherlands like it’s celebrated here in the U.S., so I’m very excited that Noëmi got to experience it here, or, if not the actual holiday, at least the preparation.

The first thing we did was get a couple of pumpkins for carving. Noëmi had never carved a pumpkin before, so she was very excited. We googled “Jack-o-Lanterns” for some good ideas, and then we set to carving.

Noëmi and a big knife

Noëmi and a big knife


Tops off!

A bowl full of pumpkin guts!

A bowl full of pumpkin guts

noemi-carves-a-pumpkin-3 noemi-carves-a-pumpkin-2

Noëmi decided that her pumpkin would be smiley and cute, while I decided mine would be scarier, toothier. They both turned out pretty darn good.

Noëmi's first pumpkin!

Noëmi’s first pumpkin!

Once we had some ghoulish gourds, we set out to spookify the house. I took out my bag(s) of bones, my gravestones, ghosts, and my zombie gnomes, and we went at it.


Front yard graves


Back yard body parts



We're voting "Yes" on November 8 for a new library; and so is our ribcage and femur.

We’re voting “Yes” on November 8 for a new library; and so is our ribcage and femur.

We did a good job, and will hopefully scare the neighborhood children come Monday’s Halloween trick-or-treatathon. But our house wasn’t the only scary thing in Crystal Lake. There was also…WALMART.

See, one of the first things Noëmi asked me, when we started talking about cultural differences between the Netherlands and the U.S., was, “Can you really buy bullets in the grocery store?” And, although I hated to say it, the answer was, “Well, yeah.”

Because although you can’t get bullets at my local Jewel — and thank goodness for that — you can certainly get them at the local Walmart, where along with your baby formula, vitamins, green peppers for that chili you’re making, and new hand towels for the guest bathroom, you can buy as much ammo as you need! Great!


Bullets, bullets, so many bullets! Welcome to the U.S.A.!

Walmart also sells bows and arrows…

noemi-and-bows-and-arrows…and bubble wrap:

Because who doesn't need this much bubble wrap?

Because who doesn’t need this much bubble wrap? And it’s somehow used by the Rebel Alliance, so…there’s that.

For more about Noëmi’s adventures with Halloween and Walmart, check out her excellent blog (it’s in Dutch, but her pictures are terrific [and maybe you read Dutch! I don’t know your life!]).

I’ll have more posts about Noëmi’s last days of adventuring at Camp Crystal Lake and Chicago, so come back soon!






Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, you spectacular humans!

We’re celebrating this Halloween weekend with our friends Cristen and Jayson (who arrived at Camp Crystal Lake last night) and Juli and Matt (who are scheduled to arrive this evening). It’s a rainy day, so we likely won’t be doing much decorating this morning, but we’re definitely gearing up for any trick-or-treaters who brave the weather and come by the house today.

Trevor is ready:

Holy crap.

Holy crap. Cristen doesn’t realize what’s lurking behind her.

Roo is ready:

Roo in Halloween Bandana

I’m ready.

The house is almost ready:

Face in Jar 1 GraveyardGrilled Hand

And I had time this week to get ready and try out some costumes. There was a costume contest at school on Wednesday, so I took the opportunity to dress up a little bit, knowing that I would blend in with some of the students. It just so happened that I had some elements of a witch costume in my closet, so I donned my hat and striped stockings, painted a spider on my face, and went to class. Luckily, the students were doing a group activity and didn’t have to listen to me talk; otherwise, they’d not have heard a word I said.

And I got to wear my "costume" to bookclub that evening, so it was a double bonus!

And I got to wear my “costume” to book club that evening, so it was a double bonus! Thanks, Cecile, for the picture!

On Thursday, our English comp./horror film class had a Halloween pot-luck, so my co-teacher and I took the opportunity to dress up. He pulled off a good Jason Voorhees, and I tried my best to be Rosemary Woodhouse.

Jason and RosemaryThe students didn’t dress up much (although we had a cowgirl and a male version of Mia Wallace’s o.d. in Pulp Fiction), but they really pulled through on bringing excellent snacks for our viewing of Scream.

A few students stock up on snacks

A few students stock up on snacks

One of our students brought blood spatter cookies. BLOOD SPATTER COOKIES!!!

One of our students brought blood spatter cookies. BLOOD SPATTER COOKIES!!!

And for actual Halloween today, I’m going to be someone who’s not scary, but pretty cool:


There will be more pictures to come, so check back later this weekend.

And everyone have a happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen!

Spookifying the House

We’re spookifying the house this week in preparation of Halloween! The decorations aren’t finished, but here’s what we have so far:

Bones in the Yard

A small grave that someone has been digging up. Probably the rabbits; they’re always up to no good.

Baby in a Pot

This baby might be too creepy for the little kids, so I might wait until dark to put it out. But then again, maybe not.

Gnome Graveyard

A zombie gnome rises from the grave.

Spooky Front Yard

Some ghosts, hanging around in the front yard.

Hands in a Pot

High five, trick-or-treaters!

Check back later for even more spooky scenes.

How are your decorations coming along?