Cakes and Contemplation

The weather at Camp Crystal Lake has been a pain in the butt: cold, warm, rainy, sunny, depending on the minute. It’s been boots and scarves one day and bare legs the next.

The rain and mud doesn’t stop Roo from running around like the three-legged maniac that she is, but it does stop me from letting her run wild like the three-legged maniac that she is. Instead, I take her on a lot of short walks and then make her towel off. She spends the rest of the afternoon staring out the window, thinking about chasing bunnies in the rain.

Roo, Day Dreaming of Bunnies


I also baked a cake for Easter. Last year I made a cake and decorated it like a lamb face:


But this year, I figured I’d do a chick–simpler but tastier because I didn’t use a box cake but did a Better Homes & Gardens vanilla cake recipe. And I loaded on the frosting, which didn’t hurt.


These are the lemons I used for my lemon frosting


Pre-baked beauties: vanilla cakes from the Better Homes & Gardens recipe

A couplea cakes





…and decorated! Peep!

Happy belated Easter–hope you all got a lot of cake for yourselves!

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