The other week Trevor and I took a trip to Maine for our friends’ wedding. These two stupendous humans, Juli and Matt, got married on the rock where they first met when they were working at the Maine Media Workshops almost ten years ago.

Photo Courtesy of Cristen Leifheit, Mainely Adventures!

Juli & Matt, Pre-Nuptial (Photo Courtesy of Cristen Leifheit, Mainely Adventures!)

We’ve known Juli and Matt since 2010, and it’s been an easy and terrific friendship. Trevor bonded with Juli while they worked together at Catherine Edelman Gallery, and I bonded with them both when I met them and learned that they’re funny, smart, and interesting, and while they are active people — biking, rock climbing, and camping people — they do not judge me for being a couch potato. And that’s pretty nice.

They also introduced us to the equally stupendous humans, Cristen and Jayson…

Cristen and Jayson are kind of into each other...

Cristen and Jayson are kind of into each other…

…and together the six of us have watched a lot of Manchester United games, drank a number of beers, and had a lot of laughs.

The heads of some pretty cool folks I know

The heads of some pretty cool folks I know

So it was an honor and a joy to be included in Juli and Matt’s wedding celebration. Trevor and I flew into Boston on Thursday and drove up to Northport, Maine where we’d be meeting up with the bride and groom, and their families and other friends for a four day marriage extravaganza!

We got on our flight…

A rare photo of me and T.

A rare photo of me and T.

…collected our luggage from Logan International Airport…

Baggage Claim

…and immediately got ourselves some chowder:

Because it is one of the most important things to do while in Boston.

Because it is one of the most important things to do while in Boston.

After eating, we hit the road to Maine. It’s a two hundred mile drive to Northport, but a really lovely one, through lots of trees, over many rivers, and on lovely, virtually pothole-free highways. And just as soon as we’d crossed into Maine and stopped to pay a toll, we were greeted by a friendly tollbooth operator. He identified us as newcomers, welcomed us to Maine, and gave us some reading material:

Visitor's Guide

We drove, enjoyed the scenery, and got to the house where everyone was waiting with a keg of delicious beer, a blueberry pie, and some cheese. And that’s a pretty amazing welcome.

It was dark when we arrived, but the next morning we woke up and noticed where we were.

Relaxation Station

This is where we were.

The wedding was Saturday afternoon, so we had all day Friday to fart around in some beautiful weather with some excellent people. We ate, jumped into the ocean, swam in a pond, ate some more, drank some beer, ate a third time, and then sat in front of a bonfire…while eating…again. Food is love, so it was appropriate that during a wedding celebration we got our fill of crab, lobster, clams, mussels, and s’mores. Are s’mores a Maine specialty? No. But they are delicious, so we ate them.







...and more eating.

…and more eating. (Photo courtesy of Jayson Bimber, Mainely Adventures!)

Friday’s dinner was at at Young’s Lobster Pound in Belfast, and it was both scenic and delicious.

Young's Lobster Pound

Lobster Pound

Young's Lobster Pound

Juli and her nephew

Young's Lobster Pound

Nora and Ethan, picking out their dinners

Matt and Jayson

Matt and Jayson, getting ready for lobsters!

Rehearsal Dinner


Hello, dinner.

C and J, astounded by their bucket of treats

C and J, astounded by their bucket of treats

We all went to bed on Friday night with our bellies full and our faces tired from smiling. Next up: a wedding!

The ceremony was in the late afternoon, so Trevor and I took some time to wander through a couple of bookstores and eat some more food (surprise, surprise).

While not technically

While not technically “food,” a Bloody Mary comes with a pickle. So, food.

Laura Power

At Stone Soup used books in Camden

Then it was back to the house to get ready before the wedding ceremony. Wedding!

The ceremony was at Beauchamp Point, where we’d jumped off the rocks the day before. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, the ocean filled the air with brine and wave-sound, and everyone milled around in excitement.

Trevor, Jayson, and Ethan Waiting for the ceremony! Waiting for the weddingAnd then, we spotted the bride!

Here Comes the Bride

Juli and her dad, Steve, making their way down the rocks


Matt, Juli, and their officiant, Elizabeth (Photo Courtesy of Matt’s mom, Jennifer, Mainely Adventures!)

The ceremony was touching and made most of us cry. Weddings are emotional and Juli and Matt’s was no different. They were so happy and beautiful, and I say with certainty that I wasn’t the only one who shed some tears.

The first newlywed selfie! (Photo Courtesy of Juli Lowe, Mainely Adventures!)

The first newlywed selfie! (Photo Courtesy of Juli Lowe, Mainely Adventures!)

We all set back to the house for the reception. We ate some more (obviously!), laughed, chatted, and then danced the night away.

And now we’re home. Maine is a beautiful state. We have some great friends. And lobster is pretty tasty. Congratulations, Juli and Matt — here’s to years and years of love and happiness!

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