Week Eight: Online Writing Group

It’s the eighth and final week of the Summer 2015 Online Writing Group!

This is our last week of the Lake Projects Online Writing Group!

Here are Everyone’s Week Eight Updates & New Goals:

  • Anne: I am hoping for this week to have a good amount of research done in my journal. I am not sure if I will be able to make my eight week goal, as life has seriously been blocking the way lately. I am hoping to have something done by the end of the week.
  • Anuar: No update
  • Bev: I got twelve pages or so written about my vacation last week. For this week, I am going to send query letters to agents. Really! I mean it! At least four. Swear to God! (You will do it, Bev!)
  • Bonnie: No update
  • Curt: No update
  • DonnaNo update
  • Laura: I must finish my short story this week; I must, and I will!
  • Lisa: I’m hoping to write two pages this week!
  • MaryI didn’t write anything for two weeks because of some personal things, so for our last week I want to write a blog post about that.
  • Mary MargaretNo update
  • Matthew: No update
  • Mike: I made more progress on the first half of the draft version of the story but didn’t finish it. I still need to work on some of the connecting scenes and dialogue to get things coherently to the final scene of the story, which will be my goal for this week.
  • Robert: Been back from Hong Kong for a week, getting the jet lag out. Haven’t done any writing — we’ve had guests with us until today. I hope for this next week to get 2,000 words written. (Welcome back, Robert!)
  • Samantha: No update
  • Steve: No update

 Check back Wednesday for a guest post from Lisa!

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