Bosco is Five!

Our nephew Bosco is five years old today!

Bosco was born six weeks premature, and he was a wrinkly little Benjamin Button-looking baby:

He's so very small

He’s so very small

But he put on the pounds quickly and developed into a smiling little monkey butt:

We celebrated with Bo and his buddies on Saturday, and Paula had put together a race car extravaganza. The kids decorated their “cars”:

The racers decorate their cars.

The racers decorate their cars.

And then they lined up to race. These kids were not at all discouraged by the fact that it was 8,000 degrees outside with 125,000% humidity. They didn’t care; the race was on.

The racers line up.

The racers line up.

Once the races were over, it was time for snacks, made by the amazing Paula, and Duck, Duck, Goose, led by the amazing Grandma:

Can you deal with how cute these are? I can't. I'm freaking out right now.

Can you deal with how cute these are? I can’t. I’m freaking out right now.

Duck Duck Goose 2

The chase is on!

The chase is on!

Trevor and I want to wish Bo a very happy fifth birthday. One day soon he’ll be reading and writing, and then he’ll be driving and voting, and then he’ll be going to college and probably traveling the planet doing good works and hopefully not still calling people ‘poopy-butts.’ But, it’s possible he might still be.

Happy birthday, Bosco!

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