We got our first snowfall of the winter at Camp Crystal Lake, and it’s pretty, and it’s cold, and it makes me happy that I went to the grocery store last night to stock up on provisions (cheese, pizza, ginger beer [don’t worry, we already had cookies so I didn’t need to pick up more cookies (although it’s insane to think that there could be too many cookies, so I should have gotten more just in case, I might need to bake some cookies today)]) and to the library to get a copy of The Shining.

The only other things I might need are a robot teacher to do my grading, and a robot maid to clean our bathrooms and do the laundry while I eat cookies and watch The Shining. But I don’t know if that’s likely, so I’ll grade some papers and reward myself with a nice, terrifying dose of The Overlook Hotel once I’m finished.

The other creatures in the house are hogging the heating vents:

Roo the Heat HogAnd taking a break from playing Call of Duty to shovel snow. I don’t have a picture of Trevor shoveling or playing CoD, but here’s a picture of our garden bed:

Snowy Garden Bed

Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow.

So I hope all of you are inside and have your own stock of pizza, ginger beer, cheese, and cookies. Stay warm and cozy, and have a happy Saturday!

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