Get Your Write On This Winter!

Starting next week, I’ll be running the 2017 edition of our online winter writing group to kick of the new year in the write way. (yep. I just did that.)

Last winter we ran a productive and fun four-week winter session, and this year, we’re planning to do the same. This year’s four weeks will run  January 2 through January 30, and will, as usual, be as complex or as simple as each member decides for herself. You’ll communicate with me via email/Facebook/Twitter, and you don’t need to share your work — only your goals.

If you’re interested, let me know in the comments section below (if we’ve never met), contact me through Facebook or Twitter, or send me an email (if we are email acquainted). You can look through all of the Winter 2016 posts and the Summer 2016 posts to get an idea of how the group runs.

Get ready to write!

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